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Season’s (and Spices’) Greetings


Season’s Greetings–and thank you–to my readers. I could take those seasons and spice it up with specificity: Cinnamon’s Greetings, maybe, or Allspice’s Greetings, or the lovely Clove’s Greetings (sounding so close to Love’s Greetings). Or I could be more inclusive altogether: Garam Masala’s Greetings! (A little black pepper never hurt anything.)

Whatever it is, I wish it for you and yours. I will not be posting again until the Christmas to New Year’s stretch, when I list my 2018 resolutions for all to laugh at. But today? Simply greetings and thanks:

  • Greetings and thanks to regular readers of this blog, living on the outer edge of the virtual world (flat or round, however you serve it).
  • Greetings and thanks to irregular readers who land here thanks to those time machines we call “search engines,” take one look around, and hightail it to the back button. Verily, you can’t go home again, unless it’s the internet.
  • Greetings and thanks to people of all countries who visit me, even if they have to use Google Translator to make heads or tails out of what I say.
  • Greetings and thanks to anyone who laughed at something written here. Chuckled? Smirked ironically? I’ll take it.
  • Greetings and thanks to anyone who enjoyed a poem posted here, sympathized with a poet here, or enjoyed reading some poetry-related advice here.
  • Greetings and thanks to readers who have given up their genre ruts, leavening their reading bread with short stories, poems, essays, plays, nonfiction. The novel may be king, but its kingdom is vast and varied! Pull a fresh horse from the stable and ride out to enjoy it!
  • Greetings and thanks specifically to readers who have not just ordered one of my books but read them and enjoyed them and contacted me to say as much. Now that’s a hat trick to celebrate (as they say in hockey rinks).
  • Greetings and thanks to people who connect locally by signing up for local writers groups or reading groups. For the grassroots writer, all literature is local.
  • Finally, greetings and thanks to people who do and do not celebrate Christmas. It’s a big world out there and the more inclusive we are, celebrating our similarities as humans, the better.