A Year in Reading: 2019


One of my 2008 resolutions (one I didn’t break within 10 days, I mean) was to track the books I read as a solution to the problem of forgetting 87.3% of them. That meant not only book titles, but also brief (and, in some cases, not so brief) reviews.

The site I chose for this purpose was Goodreads, and though it has become a bit less meritorious since Amazon acquired it in March of 2013, I continue to track books there unfettered and will until Amazon ruins it by making it too commercial and Amazon-centric (a habit they’re notorious for).

Here, then, is the link to my Year in Reading, 2019. If you’re interested, I mean. And whether you are or not, on this Winter Solstice of 2019, here’s wishing you a happy winter holiday of your choice (for me, it’s Christmas) and a happier still New Year.

May you continue to read, write, and fight the good fight against fascists, dictators, and other “strongmen” who specialize in gaslighting, tearing down democratic norms, and making ordinary people suffer. Just remember, at the heart of every bully is weakness and fear.

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