The Eagle Has Landed!

ken with book

“One small step for the world; one giant leap for indifferent kinds.”

After traveling the highways and byways, Amish country and Shaker country, the past and the present, my shipload of The Indifferent World has finally landed. Here’s a picture of Dad with baby in hands.

Already established authors are vaguely amused by the fact that I am shushing them as they walk past the resting box of books. This is a first child, after all, bound (in colorful paper) to be spoiled and entitled over the course of time.

Whatever. As Shakespeare once wrote: “Alas, poor Yorick, you only live once. Hey nonny nonny and damn auto-correct anyway.”

I hope to place all of these in good homes over time. If that means donning a black beret and stepping behind a mic (or is it “mike”), so be it.

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