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Down three rivers in the village of Pittsburgh, Tim Miller runs a smart-looking blog called Underfoot Poetry. On its pages he features a mix of new poets and old. I was honored when he approached me about featuring six of my poems on his site.

As the timing of our correspondence came just as Lost Sherpa of Happiness was finding its way to publication, I decided to send him a half dozen favorites from my debut effort, The Indifferent World.

The first poem to go west, “Trigger,” is about a deer hunter whose finger is on the trigger when he decides not to fire.

“Idyll” features a dad who, in the thick of wedding preparations for his daughter, is ready to escape the madness of preparations by jumping into a Breughel painting (still a fantasy I cherish).

A little humor is featured with “Dog Religion.” The idea for this poem came from my dog’s habit of leaving one kibble of dry meal in his bowl each day. I solved the reason why and let readers in on my Holmes-like thinking.

Fourth? “Samsara,” a meditation on the ambivalence one might feel about leaving the cycle of reincarnated lives. So American. So western. But trying harder.

In homage to Frost, “Provide, Provide” features one old man in Maine preparing for winter’s worst under threatening November skies.

It all wraps up with “Insomnia,” the last two stanzas being a bald confessions to the human folly of “not me.” Sleep is my treasured but elusive friend, is all I can say. Then, now, and probably forever, until the Big Sleep do us part….

Give Tim’s blog a read and a like. Lots of good stuff over there!



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